Similarities and differences.

Posted on: Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mallory! You're intrigued by roller derby, too?! As if the commonalities couldn't become even more obvious. I haven't gone so far as to give myself a name, but I love yours. Usually, as I start to dream up names, I envision a horrible, bone breaking catastrophe and decide that roller derby isn't for me. I've never broken any bones and I've heard that breaking them as an adult isn't ideal; the repercussions last a lifetime.

And, surprisingly enough, I'm a pretty cautious person; I abide by authority and I avoid injury.

I will teach you how to knit! Depending on the amount of time we have, I would love to teach you when I visit or we could just schedule a Skype date sometime and I can show you the basics. And you know that if anything happened to that blanket I would replace it in a heartbeat. Knitting that blanket was probably the best knitting project I've had in a while; it was a challenge, following a pattern while knitting with, what felt like, butter.

Every time I see a photo of Harry curled up with that blanket, my heart melts. I hoped he would love it, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Kids can be very particular, after all. But I'm so, so glad it's loved.

Remember that holiday card you sent out last year? The one that said, and I quote [from memory], "Mallory has been working on her most important craft to date: Growing a baby!" It still makes me crack up with laughter. And even though you feel like you don't have time to craft, know that whenever you do text me with a photo of a finished craft, my jaw hits the floor. That mobile you made? I still can't wrap my head around the patience it had to take to dream that up, let alone tackle it.

That is the stuff Etsy shops are made of, Mallory!

I don't know if I've ever said it, but I really admire your dedication to fitness. I grew up in a house where fitness wasn't a choice but a requirement and I've always kind of resented that; staying in shape was always grueling, a chore. Play tennis for an hour and a half, lift; practice your the toss for your serve for 45 minutes, practice against a ball machine for an hour, run on the elliptical; play in a tennis tournament, worry about electrolytes, eat a million PowerBars; etcetera. All I wanted to do was practice yoga, but my [at the time] uber-conservative parents wouldn't hear of it.

In fact, now that I think about it, I make time for crafting but not for exercise. Finally! Something that does not make me wonder if we were separated at birth! Haha...

[Why are my letters always so long? I feel like I've only just begun answer questions and pondering.]

 No matter where I'm at, I can find a chance to read.
I love the written word.

Hobbies I do without thinking about it... Just like brushing my teeth... Um. I organize our house like it's my job. Does that count? As I mentioned, I read. I do that without thinking. Naturally, without any prompting, I'll curl up with a book before I turn on the TV. Or I'll mute the TV and start reading. In fact, I did that so much growing up that my mom had to force me to go outside and play. Whoops. And writing. I've been writing--essays and stories and things--since I was in first grade. My mom gave me my first diary and I think it was the best gift I could have received. The freedom to write down my thoughts--however I wanted, when I wanted, with the language I wanted--and lock them up when I was finished for the day.

I'm going to have to think about that question a bit more, though. I feel like I'm missing a hobby. An important one... What do you think? Anything else pop in your head, pertaining to hobbies and skills and dreams?



  1. You both are beautiful and I love reading this blog.
    Just sayin'.

    I love your topics, and find myself answering them in my head like I'm a third in the convo.
    Probably shouldn't admit that :}
    And all three of those books in the bottom two pictures I think I would love to read. Sedaris? Zelda Fitzgerald? Homemade Life? <3.

    1. I love that you answer right along Karissa. Feel free to comment whenever you want to join into the conversation! XO, Mallory

  2. Amy (and you too Mallory, but particularly Amy), I thought you would enjoy this because you enjoy my weird interactions:
    The other day I was dancing at the bar (duh) when this shy guy approached me and asked "are you a roller derby girl?" I said, "yeah!" (again, duh, I love lying) "you have a thing for roller derby girls don't you? I bet you've banged ten." And he said "yeah." The End. Good, right?

    1. Kate, I may not know you, but I love you from this story. XO Mallory


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