Hobbies Are Like Bushing Your Teeth

Posted on: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dear Amy,

I can't even start this letter without addressing roller derby. Ever since seeing Whip It (have you seen it? You must.) I have been slightly obsessed with roller derby. I absolutely want to dress up as a roller derby(-ist?) for Halloween one year. And I'm super curious about the actual sport. I don't know if I'm tough enough to try it... I took a nasty fall on my roller blades when I was twelve and I'm a little timid on wheels now... but if I ever decide to do so, I already have my roller derby name. Hermione Danger.

So there you go. There's one bada-double-s hobby I'd love to try. But I don't think I ever will. Halloween will have to do for now.

You absolutely must teach me to knit. I've done it before... really just knitting a scarf or two. Straight, simple, easy. And I required help to start and finish it. But I'd love to be able to create like you do. Your knitting is so beautiful. I get SO many compliments on Harry's blanket (which, tragically, shrunk a little bit in the wash. And yes I cried. But it's still beautiful, and Harry loves it more than anything else in his room so I guess that's all that matters).

I also want to learn to shoot film. Developing it might be too much for me (time! I need more time!) but I would love to learn to use a film camera. Film photography is so beautiful. So soft and romantic. Do you still have some of your old film photographs? I'd love to see them.

This kid is my main hobby right now.
So many hobbies have been put on the back burner since having Harry, and more specifically since my time was really stretched about five weeks ago. I used to create. Paint, sew, craft, refurbish... I created all the time. I don't have as much time for that anymore. And it's really festering. I think I need to make time to create. Even if it's something small. I need to release that energy.

I also used to hike a lot more. And kayak and swim and just get outside and be in nature more. But I don't blame Harry for that one. I blame Mississippi. Do you find it hard moving all the time? I feel like just when I'm getting settled and finding places to be outside, it's time to move again. I really miss hiking. I miss nature!

After my first marathon.
The funny thing about hobbies I've always had is that it's hard to realize they are hobbies. They are just part of my life now. I really had to think about your question, which is always the sign of a good question. Here's my answer: I'm a fitness junky. Working out is a hobby which I take very seriously. I've been a "runner" (I use the term loosely because I'll never win a race, and I just don't feel like a serious runner) since fourth grade. In college, I was a fitness instructor. I taught step aerobics and boot camp and core conditioning. And I have my personal training certification. Did you know that? Now, I work out in my garage a lot. We have a whole personal gym set up in there. It's a priority to me. One that I don't even think about. People like to comment on my dedication to fitness when they see me out on my runs every day, or lifting in my garage while Harry plays in his exersaucer. But it's like eating breakfast for me. Three days in a row, I work out. I take one day off, and then I start over again.

A weird hobby...
Also, I have a sort of weird hobby. Again, I didn't realize it was a hobby until I started thinking about how to answer your question. It goes like this: I decorate. Most of it is in my head and on the internet and in magazines. I dream up homes. I find houses for sale. I scour Pinterest. And then I think about what I would do to flip them. To turn them into a home I could love. I can dream about a house and it's decor for days. And days, and days. I turn obsessive. Maybe one day I'll flip houses.

What about you? Do you have any hobbies that you didn't even realize were hobbies? Something that feels as normal as brushing your teeth? I bet you do. Think about it.

Your crazy friend,


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