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Posted on: Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear friend,

I absolutely must start this letter with a giant THANK YOU. Thank you for driving all the way down here and all the way back in one weekend. Thank you for talking to me about everything. Thank you for entertaining me. Thank you for loving my kid like you did. Thank you for helping. Pretty much, thanks for being such an amazing Anne Shirley. I feel so lucky dude.
Amy checking out the houses Katrina ravaged.
Readers, Amy drove down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to visit us this weekend, and it was fantastic. We spent a lot of time in pajamas and we made cookies. We enjoyed beautiful weather (at least I thought so, Amy might have been over the rain) and stayed up late (again, at least I thought so). It was fantastic.

I'm going to drop a bomb that you, Amy, already know, but a lot of other people don't seem to recognize? I'm not big on visitors. Don't get me wrong. I love visiting. I so appreciate when people make the trip to see us. I appreciate the crap out of that. But I'm one for having my schedule and my space and my life... and visitors change that.

(If you've ever come to visit me, don't take it personally. I love, love, love seeing you all. I'm just a little introverted, and if you are introverted, you'll get it. And if you're not, just think of how you feel about visitors, and flip it. That's how I feel.)

But this weekend was refreshing. It was so nice to have someone who not only relates to me in such a big way, but understands me. Like, really gets me. And totally understands the whole "I want to see people/be with people/not be lonely... but I also don't." deal. You get it Amy. So thank you.

Also, can I just say, Harry freaking loved you. Guys, this kid was a little girl crazy all weekend. He laughed and giggled and smiled like a school girl. He gave Amy so many kisses and some ridiculous hugs. He was super excited to play with her, and just hang out. So Amy, thanks for loving on my kid. I'm sure he's needing some "not Mama" people around to give him some attention.

I don't even have questions, just so much thanks. (So many thanks?) How was the drive? Honestly.

Capital X's and O's for you today,


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