Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Posted on: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dear Mallory,

I really will do anything for my friends. Sometimes that sentiment is not reciprocated or recognized or it's taken for granted, and I leave feeling dejected and kind of lonely. This weekend, though, I left feeling refreshed and so grateful and really pleased knowing you really are one of my best friends. Thank you so, so much for welcoming me into your domain; your home, your office, Harry's playground. That little boy of yours is every bit as wonderful as you portray him to be. I cannot get over how happy and smart and curious he is; thank you for letting me love on him a bit. I even enjoyed chatting with Jon [I get a bit nervous around men, so it's rare that this happens]! He is absolutely hilarious; you guys are a perfect balance of and for each other.

And you! You're a great cook. I was seriously impressed. You'll have to share your recipe for those roasted almonds and that pizza crust. Also, there are stripes all over your house. Did you know that? It made me so happy to see that your love of stripes doesn't discriminate; everything in stripes! Seriously, though, thanks for just chatting with me and sharing and listening and hanging out. I think we both needed a girls weekend to decompress. And, yes, we did stay up late, even for me. But it's necessary sometimes! You just start talking and you're eating popcorn and then it's 11:30P and you can't stop yawning and you're shocked when you check the time.

I'm so glad I Facebook messaged you 4 years ago. You are a true bosom buddy. ...actually. I think it was exactly four years ago that I messaged you! Weird.

And also, I would make the drive again! It wasn't that bad. I took a very direct route, which required driving on a bunch of country highways, so I saw a lot of Southern country [is that redundant?].

Your refreshed friend,


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