You Got A Peak Inside Our Life

Posted on: Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dear Amy,

Without this turning into a mushy, gushy love fest, I'm just going to say thank you one more time and move on. Last weekend was amazing. So you rock.

Your right about the stripes in my house... I never noticed!
But as amazing as it was, I'm kind of surprised at all the things we didn't do. I had so many things I wanted to show you/do with you. A beach walk would have been nice. The farmers market would have been wonderful. Some crafting, some blog shop talk, some pumpkin patching. I had so many things planned that (due to inclement weather and/or lack of time and/or hours spent conversing instead of doing) were forgotten.

I think that's a good thing? It's nice to have that in a friend. I hope you didn't mind doing nothing at all. I loved it.

But can you imagine if we were neighbors (or even just lived in the same state). I would absolutely want you to teach me to knit. And I feel like we'd need monthly crafting nights. To get off Pinterest and into the craft closet. Also, I feel like some of our crazier ideas would take off. The world would need to watch out if these bosom friends were in the same area.

Harry and I (and Jon!) would love to come and visit you and Aaron one day. I hope we can do that. I know you're new-ish to Little Rock, and we've actually lived there longer than you have at this point, but what would you want to show us? Or would we just spend our time talking and eating and baking and maybe playing Scrabble? Because I kind of love that about our friendship.

Your bosom pal,


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