Let's Delve into Hobbies, Shall We?

Posted on: Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dear Amy,

I absolutely get what you're saying about healthy anger. It's good to get it out, at least I think so. Otherwise it builds and builds and builds. And then you just explode. So I didn't mind taking the weekend to really just unwind, and let the anger seep slowly out. And now it's gone. So I can start building it back up again (only kidding. sort of.).

I could eat my way through France right now.
Oh, and I'm reading Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah. So far, so good. The author has a very similar situation to mine, but lucky lady is in France instead of Mississippi. And it makes me really, really hungry.

Fab suggestions. Travel, oy. I've been bitten by the travel bug. I have been thinking about little else but the UK lately. Obsessing is more like. Finding cute places to stay on Airbnb. Also, planning for a few upcoming trips. Also, my current book is helping fuel the fire. I love travel.

And visitors! YES you can be that person for me. I will give you clean sheets and towels, but I'm so glad you won't mind if I don't vacuum the chairs (Calvin hair everywhere). Let's bake some cookies, okay?

Just a FEW of the things I'm dying to DIY. So many more here.
And hobbies. Yep. I've been trying to find time to start writing again. Nothing big. Just short stories, or even just characters. Something to fill my time. To empty my mind. To get those creative juices going. Also? DIY. Yeah, yeah, I know that's an old hobby, but one I haven't had much time for lately. So I'm really trying to get away from the Pinning and start the doing. Again, time is not on my side, but I'm pretty determined. So maybe we'll DIY some crap when you come visit. (Have I mentioned how excited I am that you're coming to visit?!)

I'm curious. What are you favorite hobbies? AND what hobbies would you love to start up? I love refurbishing furniture, so I'm really excited that you're into that now too. If I'm being honest, I'm dying to get into pottery. I want to throw some clay (vernacular?) and have some gorgeous bowls to show for it. Also, basket weaving. I want to do it. Apparently I've been stifling some creative juices, because they are all threatening to pour out of me at any moment.

Your friend with the itchy fingers,


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