Getting Out of a Funky Funk

Posted on: Monday, October 7, 2013

Dear Amy,

Last week got unexpectedly deep! I love it. My crappy week from h-e-double hockey sticks probably had a little something to do with my seriousness. But I took a nice, relaxing weekend where I only did what I wanted to do (and changed diapers) and I'm feeling much better this morning. I even was chilly on my run. So that's enough to make a girl smile.

Playing dress up makes things better. I swear.
Do you ever get like that? The domino effect? I think I was just waiting for something to set me off. And set me off it did, and after that it was just one thing after another. I'm 100% sure it's my attitude in a time like that. I started listing off all the things that had gone wrong in the last 4 weeks. And boy was that a big list. But that wasn't helpful and I knew it. I knew I was self-sabitoging. Knew it would only get better when I changed my attitude. But I wasn't ready to change it yet.

I decided to shirk (most) my responsibilities this weekend and use it as a reset. Really relax, get into a clearer and better state of mind. Make an opposing list of all the wonderful things that have happened in the last 4 weeks. All the things I wouldn't want to give up for the world. I took a nap. I sang silly songs and danced silly dances. I gave my kid so many kisses and we played dress up. I left a big pile of 9-12 month clothes on Harry's bedroom floor because I wanted to get them out - but I didn't want to put them away. I cleaned the bathrooms because that's fun to me. I didn't mop because that's not fun to me.

In short, I hit the reset button. And boy was it necessary. What do you do to decompress? Usually, I lose my phone, grab my boys, and do the mundane. Grocery shop. Do laundry. Clean. That's what always gets my out of my funk. (Is that weird? Probably.) But that couldn't happen this weekend. The government shut down has closed my commissary, I was missing one of my boys... So I did the next best thing: only what I wanted to do. I even read two chapters of a new book (I realize that doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment, but with the way my life has been - busy - and my baby has been - all over the place - lately, two chapters is something to write about).

Please tell me I'm not the only crazy one who lets herself blow things out of proportion (or just let's herself realize how big of proportions things are) because I'm not ready to calm down just yet. Because I want to be mad. Do you do that? And again, how do you fix the funk?

Here's to an exponentially better week. I'm positive it will be one, just based on my attitude going into it.

My glass is half full,


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  2. You're certainly not the only one who blows things out of proportion. I just about threw a temper tantrum yesterday when I couldn't find my keys for the umpteenth time (sitting on my bed, barely underneath my copy of "Peter Rabbit/Pierre Lapin" en Fran├žais). Funny enough, it's my own darn fault for never being able to find them, as I carry a purse far bigger than my needs and have been too lazy to switch to a more practical one. & because I am constantly on the go, & wish I could just stay home quietly, for once.
    Time to count the good things and reset. For example, the oodles of snuggles I got from my 2-month old nephew this weekend. Or my sister/best friend taking the time away from studies to come home for a few days. Or the long drive Michael & I took through the countryside just to talk and look at the fall colors and imagine our future home.
    Tonight will warrant a book, some projects in the kitchen, and the slider door open to fill the apartment with crisp fall air. & maybe an apple cider candle lit, to boot. :)
    Wishing you both some relaxation and rejuvenation.

    1. Oooh, your night sounds amazing Karissa. I think I need that too. Except, if I leave my door open, my kid will crawl outside and my house will be 85 degrees. Maybe I'll turn on the air and light a few fall scented candles. XO, Mallory


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