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Posted on: Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Mallory,

I am so sorry for not writing yesterday! I'm not going to lie, it completely slipped my mind. Adjusting to this work schedule is continuing to be a challenge; it's not so different from any normal 9 to 5 schedule, but it's just wonky enough to throw me off.

Any ways. I agree with you, not everyone would have enjoyed drinking tea on the couch, catching up. While I have a hard time sitting still purely from my natural energy level [high!], Aaron, my extrovert, can't sit still because it gets bored. He wants to be around people. He wants lights. He wants colors. Bonus! He wants sports. Or a good brew.

And while Aaron has always been an extrovert, I have always been an introvert. But! I have also always been loud. My laugh quiets a room from it's pure, unadulterated volume. I have no problem projecting; my voice carries. If I'm really comfortable around people, I don't mind being the center of attention [but it can't last too long or I start to get really anxious]. And I've always been that way. I credit my mother and her side of the family. They are loud. And as much as I hated it at the time, my mom forced me into social situations that had me trembling with stress and anxiety, but ultimately I learned how to just put myself out there, make small talk, smile, and move on.

Taken on a busy road in Seattle with a few interested passerby's. I kept my cool.

So, like you, that husband of mine has helped me realize it's okay to be an introvert [we're not serial killers or awkward and we have to do a lot for extroverts!], so I've accepted it. And I'm proud of it!

But yeah, I think introverts are the only ones who like considering personality type. But my theory surrounding that is this: extroverts don't have to "come to terms" with their personality because American society favors the extrovert. Like I said, introverts are not serial killers. We're not weird. We shouldn't have to change who we are to meet the needs of extroverts, but unfortunately, America forces us to. The amount of times I've been pulled into a boss's office to answer the question, "Is everything okay?" because I've fallen silent and ignored the office banter is absurd. I'm fine. We've been chatting about nothing for hours and I'm tired.

Sorry. I kind of lost track of things. I get really passionate when talking about personality type! Maybe it's from being made to feel victimized for something I cannot control.

Any ways. I took this quiz twice! The first time it said I belong in New Mexico. Which isn't right. The second time I took that quiz it said I belong in...Georgia...? And that really can't be right...

When did you realize there wasn't anything wrong with you, you were just introverted? How does Jon deal with it? What do you do when you start to feel overwhelmed?

Your proud, introverted friend,


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