A Tale of Two Introverts

Posted on: Monday, October 28, 2013

Dear Amy,

I thought the natural progression from last week's love fest could lead us to a favorite topic of ours: personality. When you came to visit, we were both so happy just visiting and baking and relaxing. Sure, I'm positive there will be times in our future that feature a bit more adventure, but that weekend was perfect, and I think exactly what we both needed.

The funny thing to me though is that not everyone would have enjoyed sitting on the couch with tea and talking for hours while a baby napped. First of all, what's not to love about that? But really, I truly think it comes down to personality.

It'll be interesting to see see if he's introverted like his mama or extroverted like his papa.
I don't think it's a secret that we are both introverts - which is why we get along so well. We get each other. We didn't rush into phone calls and vacations together... we started slowly with emails and text messages, because that is our way. Call it shy, call it quiet, call it snooty, or whatever, but we call it introverted at it's altogether shy, quiet, snooty (maybe just a little) and not at all.

Were you always introverted? I'm curious. I actually was a very extroverted child, until I hit about 8 years old and my parents divorced. I hid within myself then, going as far as being terrified to order food. I didn't like meeting new people, and even my friends were kept at a distance.

The last 5-8 years have brought about a slight change in my personality (I'd like to thank my wonderful husband for bringing out the best balance in my personality) and I'm no longer painfully shy. I can get out there and meet people. But I still prefer stillness. The company of a good friend or two. The calmness of being with my two boys.

No parties.

On a related side note, have you ever noticed it's us introverts who often talk most about the kinds of personalities? I find myself thinking "Oh yeah, I get that person. He's an extrovert and he's the youngest child. Everything makes sense." Have you ever noticed that before?

I ran across this personality quiz the other day (via A Cup of Jo) and was very interested in the results. I'll let you take it - it's really short - and we can compare states. I am meant to live in Maine, according the to quiz.

Your introverted friend,


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