The Most Awkward Morning Ever

Posted on: Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dear Amy,

Welcome home! Arkansas is really great, despite the terribly disgusting bugs. Can we just discuss these for a moment? Growing up in Michigan we did NOT have cockroaches. Anytime I thought of a dirty, stinky motel room where someone probably was shot, I thought of cockroaches. The were synonymous with filth to me. And then I moved south. And they are all over the place.

Petit Jean State Park. Gorg. Bring the dogs.
I'm not as naive now, and I realize they are just like any other bug, and not a sign that your home is infested with filth, but ooooh man, they still freak me out. I still scream like a little girl when I see one. And everyone down here is so chill about them! They're all used to them, so they're not a big deal. Those suckers are FAST. And they always show their ugly head when Jon is out of town so I have to kill them while dancing around trying to avoid them. It's quite the show.

These were both taken at Pinnacle Mountain. A GREAT hike and close to LR!
Okay, on to more positive aspects of your new home. It's so cute. I can't wait to see more of it, but (A) I love your office, (B) I love your backyard/your neighbors backyard, and (C) the light! Is it really that cozy in real life? I can't wait to hear about all your adventures in Arkansas. Little Rock is so cool. Great shopping, good food, top-knotch antiquing, amazing Farmer's Market... and Arkansas. What a hidden gem, right?! It's totally beautiful. Believe me, you'll really enjoy your time there. Get outside. Take those dogs out and break a few leash laws (or don't. but do it.).

You MUST eat at ZAZA. Please.
On a totally unrelated and weird side note, I have a story. I'm applying for life insurance. Jon got his taken care of with one freaking phone call. Mine has been weeks of back and forth, medical examinations (which are done for your convenience in your own home or at your work - but it's not really all the convenient when I have to go sign some stranger on base and she doesn't have her car registered!), emails, phone calls, letters... This morning I had to give my second urine sample. And tomorrow I have to give my third. Why they need three is lost on me.

Anyway, the examiner did not have current registration, so as you know, it's a no go getting her on base. Well, we decided to meet at the welcome center and I could give her my urine sample there. Yep, awkward. I had planned on getting there early so I could go explain to the people working what was going on, but "getting there early" doesn't happen when it's breakfast time and you have an 8 month old. So we got there at the same time and it was packed, so I couldn't talk to anyone who was working, explaining my situation. She gave me a cup, two vials, and a plastic bag like she was handing me some drugs (not kidding, whispering what to do, hiding them in her purse, leaving the building, etc etc) and into the bathroom I went. SO AWKWARD.

I seriously was so nervous I was going to get caught. Which is crazy, because does it really matter? Also, was that TMI for the blog? I never know now that I have a baby and I talk about all sorts of bodily functions.

So, anyway... how was your morning?

Seriously blushing,


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