My current job and a few questions.

Posted on: Monday, September 30, 2013

No introductions today because you had to pee in a cup at the welcome center? I thought my life insurance exam was weird [home alone, male nurse came over, listened to me pee in a cup via bathroom door, cup was still warm when I handed it to him, yadda yadda], but I can't even. Did any of the Security Forces members notice? Or even make eye contact? Eye contact during embarrassing moments on base is the worst. Those guys are all macho and immature and sexist [I'm allowed to say this because Aaron is SFS and some of his friends... Good lord] and then to have to blatantly pee in their welcome center... How did you walk out with the cup? How do you even hide something like that?

Also, how the heck is the nurse driving around without vehicle registration?

My morning last Thursday consisted of job hunting. Still. You know, the usual. My morning this morning consisted of job hunting again. There is nothing. Nothing. Unless I'm missing some rad job search engine for non-profit professionals?

The days are too nice to be stuck inside, but I have to apply to those jobs.
Therefore: outdoor office.

My mom visited over the weekend, which was interesting only because Aaron and I have only explored so much of our new city. We explored some restaurants and a mall [Anthropologie!] and part of downtown and took the dogs for numerous walks. Oh, we also showed them around base. I know you'll understand when I say: civilians think base is the coolest place ever. Maybe better than Disney World. I mean, maybe not, but the questions and the "oohs" and the "aahs" and the exclamations and, depending on the person, the reminiscences.

My mom came bearing gifts: my Babysitter's Club series. 
It's official! Aaron and I need another bookshelf.

I know your mom visited this past weekend, how was that? And how did the baby shower go? I know you love planning parties and the like--something I try to avoid [I doubt myself too much]--was it everything you wanted it to be? I'd love to gain some insight into throwing and hosting dinner/parties and birthday events. For some reason, I over-think everything--food, drinks, decorations, times to arrive and leave, clean-up. Do I send out thank yous? Do I invite by word of mouth or text message or email or paper invite...?

Your ever-curious friend,


  1. is a good nonprof job search site. i mostly used it for looking for a job in d.c., but you can search by location/job type/years of experience, etc. good luck!

    1. You are AWESOME Colette. XO, Mallory


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