Prehistoric bugs and new spaces.

Posted on: Wednesday, September 25, 2013


You twisted your ankle and hiked out of Yellowstone?! Are you kidding me? I mean, how else were you supposed to get out of there, I know, I know. But you are officially a badass. I'm sure that wasn't a comfortable hike. There are rocks waiting to sprain your ankle further and holes to overlook and maybe creeks to walk through [I don't know, were there?].

Yellowstone was totally magical. I told everyone we were doing the move as a road trip because we weren't sure we would ever be back, but that's a crock of crap. We'll definitely return. I want to experience the magic of that place with our kids. And no dogs. So that there can be hiking and exploring and no worries of Chuck being too loud as she talks to her fellow campers.

To answer your last question first, there are cockroaches in Arkansas! How did no one warn me of this terrifying fact?! Due to the nature of our apartment, some of the windows/doors don't have screens and the other day a cockroach flew into our family room. And I thought it was a cicada. So I remained calm. But then Aaron was like, "Don't leave the doors open, I had to kill another cockroach." And not wanting to believe him, I thought to myself, "It was a cicada. Gosh, boys are so dramatic." But then! Last night! I let the dogs outside for their final bathroom break of the day and scurrying around in my three seasons room were multiple cockroaches! And while squealing [quietly, so as not to alert the neighbors to my freak out and my pajamas] and hopping around with my eyes closed, I knocked one of Aaron's shoes over and another cockroach came crawling out! Why are there cockroaches?! Like, what is their purpose?! How did they get here?! Why can't they just go away?!

Also, for the record, I realize cicadas and cockroaches look nothing alike. I have no idea why my brain went straight to cicada while looking at an overlarge black beetle-type thing. Survival mode?

So. Aside from bugs that can live through the apocalypse, things are going just peachy. We're unpacking and decorating and throwing away unnecessary items and donating unnecessary items and purchasing necessary items and it's starting to feel like home. Mallory! There's a Container Store here! Did you know that? I'm sure you did. It's like my mecca. I'm only allowed to make a pilgrimage when the clutter in my home is threatening to make a mess of my sanity. The Container Store is better than Ikea. It's even better than Target! Yes! I said it! All kidding aside, I was so overwhelmed as we were walking through that we left the store with one thing we discussed needing and a few things we "didn't know" we needed [*ahem* a lucite Bodum silverware container that I am now using to store my cookie cutters because for some reason peoples' default gift for me are cookie cutters?]... It was awesome.

I'll show you better photos of the place soon, I promise. But I agree, you're probably going to have to visit. This place is the bomb. For instance, I'm sitting on my balcony now, overlooking the neighbors jungle/yard, and daydreaming of additional purchases we need to make to declutter...

But we're just happy we're home.



  1. Jon says that five mile hike out was what sealed the deal for him. So thank you, twisted ankle, 60lbs of junk strapped to my back, and freezing cold. I should have invited you all to my wedding. XO, Mallory


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