Reckless hours are my favorite hours.

Posted on: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dear Mallory,

I haven’t felt comfortable replying until today. I needed a day to process your questions and deal with our private struggles as well as our public/blogging struggles. Frankly, I’m a bit sad for you today. I’m also a bit sad for myself today. We’re both in the midst of good-byes and dwelling on the future and transitions. One of my co-workers approached me today and, with tears in her eyes, expressed to me how deeply she felt my good-bye. It was unexpected and while I’m great with emotions in the written form, I was speechless and so touched and very conscious of eavesdropping co-workers.

If I were given one reckless hour, though, I would do the one reckless thing that I’m very good at: I would get a tattoo. Are you surprised? There is one tattoo that I have been imagining for about a year now that I’m desperate for. Earlier today I dreamed up a second that has taken over my psyche as well. Without giving away too much, the first tattoo is a tribute to Hurley. I know it sounds crazy, but I want a crazy, funny, endearing tattoo. Not just something that’s visually appealing. The second is a visually appealing tattoo that would follow some of the curves of my body. How’s that for leaving you hanging? What would you do with a reckless hour? Would you do something solo in that reckless hour or would you like to take Jon along with you?

 So many reckless hours were spent on that arm and my side and my wrist and my neck...

If I were given three extra hours each day I would most definitely use them for sleeping. Or at least, that would be the plan. When faced with those actual three hours, I would probably get sidetracked and do something mundane. More reading. More visiting with friends. More Skype dates. More laundry folded. More time in the garden. Maybe I’d learn the art of mixing my own hair dye and start dying my own hair. Maybe I would sign Chuck up for an agility course [she would rock that so hard]. Maybe Aaron and I would actually get around to encouraging each other to work out [I’m so stubborn].

All the dreaming we’ve been doing lately has been good for my soul. It’s a reminder that I don’t have to be so serious or so organized or settle down or stop dreaming. It’s a reminder to stop being scared of life. What would you like to continue dreaming about? I have a question for you: If you could go back in time to a moment in your life, where would you go? Would you change it or just relive it? Let's say you had the chance to go back in time twice, would you relive something and change something?

I’m so glad we’re friends.


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