If I Could Have More Time.

Posted on: Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Amy,

Well, first of all, let me apologize. I thought I scheduled this post for yesterday. Turns out I didn't! So here we go...

I should have figured your hour to be the reckless kind. Another tattoo! Do you find them to be addicting like so many people say? I will say this, I was never big on tattoos until I saw yours. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'll ever get one, but yours are absolutely gorgeous. I love them - they are so you. I'm dying to hear more about the process of designing a tattoo. Is it very involved? How long does it take? Do you ever feel like you didn't spend enough time on one before making it permanent?

Somebody get this kid to the zoo!
If I was given and extra hour I would have a hard choice to make. I would want to do one of two things. The first would be to spend an hour at the zoo with my two boys. We attempted it this weekend, but it rained and I was sick... so that was a no go. But I'm dying to take Harry to the zoo and watch his face as he studies the animals. He loves Duke and Calvin, so I'd love to see his reaction to the wilder types.

My second option would be to spend an hour on my own, crafting. Learning. I have so many hobbies and crafts I'd like to take up, but I just can't seem to find the time. I'd love to spend an hour at a pottery wheel, learning to make a beautiful bowl. Or in a basket weaving class. Or just sewing. I know how to do that... but it never feels like the right time to take the sewing machine out lately. I'd use my hour as a creative outlet.

I love where we are now, but to experience this day one more time would be heaven.
I love your question. If I could go back in time to a moment in my life, I'd go back to Harry's birth day. I'd love to experience the joy of finally having him to hold and kiss and look at again, but it'd be really cool to see it as an outsider. I'd love to watch that day from another's perspective.

OR. If I wanted to change something, I'd go back to a day in my wedding planning and tell myself to stop being stupid. To ask my dad to walk me down the aisle. I have a picture from our wedding that was taken as we are walking out, and I can see my dad's face in the background. He is altogether proud, nervous, in love, happy, and sad. And it breaks my heart every time. But that's a different topic for a different day: regret.

I'm curious, where would you go? And would you change something?

I'm glad we're friends too. Thanks for being here for me.


  1. I love the days that you would go back to. Thank you for being so honest. It's never a great moment telling someone else of your regret.

    And Harry gripping that fence? Adorable.


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