The things I would do over.

Posted on: Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Mallory,

First off, I'm going to echo the cinematographer vote. I don't know if I would have wanted one for the wedding celebration we threw in 2009, but I really wish we had had someone following us around while we were eloping. I was hyper-focused that day, so I can remember most of the day. The little details, though? Gone. What were some of the things my dad told us? What was the joke the judge told my mom when she was signing as a witness? Was there anyone else in the restaurant or am I just imagining that we were the only ones? The video would not only be something I would cherish, but I know my best girl friends and my siblings would have loved to watch it.

To answer your questions, though, we told people slo-o-owly that we had eloped. After Aaron's first [really 9th] deployment was cancelled in September, we decided it would be easier to tell people. As opposed to switching the wedding celebration around a million times without help [three. We switched it three times. And it was three times too many]. It didn't help that Aaron's parents were so excited they told everyone they could. [Telling everyone is the opposite of keeping a secret, guys.] [In retrospect, I find this to be completely endearing.] My college friends were the only ones that seemed to be a little peeved, which I expected. My absolute closest friends, though, were not surprised. In fact, I think every single one of them said something along the lines of, "You would elope, Ames."

My favorite dress of all time.

The most memorable moment from that day was when Aaron said "...waffley wedded wife..." and everyone, including the judge, giggled. Also, let it be noted that Aaron has no memory of completely squeezing the life out of my hands during the courthouse ceremony. Additionally, I called the courthouse in advance to find out if we could exchange personal vows. They said no, there wouldn't be any time. And what happened during the ceremony? The judge stopped everything and was all, "Do you have any vows you'd like to exchange?" Honestly, the thoughts running through my mind were, Stop it. You have got to be kidding me. Are you kidding me?! So I have this little message for the State of California: You are a liar.

So the things I would do differently? I would either insist our siblings could attend the elopement or not invite anyone except a cinematographer and a professional photographer. I would have gotten my hair done. I would have agreed with Aaron and taken the 23rd off so we could spend the day together. I would have carried flowers. I maybe would have insisted on driving the three hours to Vegas to elope with a fake Elvis in attendance. I mean, we were close enough! But the thing I really would redo all over again? I wouldn't have a wedding celebration. I would have just lived with the elopement. I wanted the big white dress and my best friends and my siblings and dancing, but I learned afterwards that it's overrated. The only thing I needed and wanted was Aaron, and I had him. Corny, but true.

Your wedding dress is so you. I'm so glad you were brave enough to stick with it! And, if it makes you feel any better, the wedding dress I got for my wedding celebration was the fourth dress I tried on. It was the first one I had liked and I announced, "This is it." And that was it. Sometimes you just know and that's okay, ladies. That dress up there? It was the second dress I tried on and I seriously almost went with a flowy, lacy, peasant-type dress. Thank god my mom talked me out of that one. Eesh.

Anything else you want to share? I never did learn what your wedding song was! Should we talk about birthdays now? Because I'm turning 27 tomorrow and I'm kind of excited. Our roommate, Kate Yo, is hosting a small birthday party for me on Friday and it's the first birthday party I've had since I was in middle school. And I ordered a really cute maxi skirt from ASOS.

Your seemingly party-crazed friend [but not really],


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