Oh, Is Today Your Birthday?

Posted on: Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dear Amy,

Let's make this quick, because I have something important to tell you. First of all, my eyes were a little misty as I read how you'd skip the big reception if you had to do it again. That really is all that it's about, you and your love. Making promises forever. I must have allergies or something. Oy (with the poodles already).

But seriously, how stinking sweet are you guys? I really admire your relationship. Five years in and I feel like the sweetness, giddyness, excitement, and sparks are still there. That's how to do it right. Keep it fun and exciting. Life is serious enough, have fun with your partner. Can I get an amen?

I'm such a doofus. I can't believe I didn't tell you my wedding song! It was Fever by Michael Buble. A little predicable with the Buble, a little not with Fever. We actually took dance lessons (and told my roommates and Jon's sister, who was visiting us at the time, it was "premarital counseling") as a surprise to everyone. We were pretty good too. But something happened as things often do when I try to look really cool... I didn't. Jon stepped on my train and ripped my dress right at the very beginning of our dance. The sexy, professional dance moves were put on the back burner as we both slid on the no longer fastened train of my dress. Oy again. (Those dang poodles.)

Okay. I'm about to remix this post. Interrupt myself for an important announcement. I'm about to go Kanye up in here. Do something the blogging world has only ever dreamt about. I'm throwing a party. Right here. Right now. In your honor.

Internet friends, it's Amy's birthday. Today. So first, let's start with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday. All together now:

(Sub out Mr. President for Mrs. Green Gables, or Mrs. Freeasabear, or Amy. Your pick)

Now, let's talk cake. Yesterday I saw the most beautiful cake. And you bet your little hiney that I would be making it for you today if we didn't live 2.669 miles away from each other (yes, I google mapped that). And it would have looked exactly this wonderful. I promise. So grab something sweet, the sweetest thing you've got within 20 feet of you, and stare at this cake while you eat it. Pretend I made it for you. Pretend you're eating it. Pretend I'm wearing that gorgeous floral dress and that I dyed my hair blonde for your birthday. Mmm... isn't that great??

Photo by Peter + Veronika, Found on SMP Living
Next, grab a blindfold, bandana, or really big headband, because you guessed it... we're playing pin the tail on the donkey. Now it's the honor system folks. No cheating. Put on your blindfold, try your best at pinning that tail, and let us know who wins. PLAY HERE, NOW! QUICK! Winner gets the second piece of that delish cake.

How cute are these?! source
And what's a party without a few presents? Our beloved readers are going to leave you some of their very best virtual presents in the comments (right guys?!), but let me start the gift giving right here, right now.

Here is a tutorial on making your own dress form (because what girl doesn't need her own dress form??) which looks so easy and really freaking awesome.
Here is a recipe for watermelon coolers, which look super amazing on this hot summer day.
Here is the awesome garland I totally wanted to hang in your living room to greet you with a smile this morning.
Here is a concerto Harry wrote in honor of you.
Here are a few of your friends wishing you a Happy Birthday.
Here is some great advice from Martha Stewart that you can read... or ignore, since it's your birthday. (Matha don't give a damn.)

So lady. I hope you enjoyed your Happy Birthday Blog Party. I know my world would be very different without you in it, so I'm glad you're in it. Friends on the internet, make sure to leave Amy some birthday love in the comments.

Oh, one more present from our mutual friend Ryan...

Your celebratory friend,

PS Tell me about the best birthday you've ever had. I'm a huge fan of birthdays. Are you?


  1. I think this is the first birthday hosted on a blog ever and I am SO HONORED. Thank you. This was the best. It totally warmed my heart. And I truly believe the birthday party you would host [real life style] would be THE BEST.

    1. You're SO welcome. I hope your birthday was full of wonder and magic and laughter. I already know it was full of a hot skirt. XOXO


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