On Being A One Car Family (And Other Things)

Posted on: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Harry + Beatrice

Oh Amy. I'm sorry you're going to have to put The Hoopty to rest. What a bummer. We put so much into these relationships, and at the end, the car gives you the finger. Not the kind of goodbye you hope for after all the love you shower on that lovely hunk of junk.

But. On the flip side, you're a one car family now! Can I just say, I'm kind of excited and a little jealous? You know we were a one car family up until a few months ago. A little BMW came our way, and she was such a great deal, we just couldn't say no. We weren't in the market for a car but when you know, you know. And that girl was meant to be part of our family. But I'll admit, I miss being a one car family. I took pride in having only one car. (is that silly? probably.)

We shared one car throughout college, and for our first three years of marriage. How did we do it? Skill. That's how. Just kidding. In Fort Collins, we had an amazing public transport system. A bus would pick us up about a block from our house and take us wherever we needed to go. Plus, the biking scene was unbelievable. We literally had classes cancelled when the weather was too bad to ride (because our professors rode to school too). So it was easy there. And since then? We've been lucky to live near enough to Jon's office, and even closer to mine. I have a grueling 11 second commute from my bed to my desk.

Certain times necessitated a little wiggling to work out the car situation... both of us needing to be somewhere too far to walk or bike, but it always worked. Usually it meant I would drive Jon to work, and pick him up later. Sure, not ideal, but it worked. You got this.

Here's a little story for you. While we were stationed in Oklahoma at one of the Air Force's teeniest bases, we shared one car. There was a married couple who we were (and still are) extremely close with, who also were a one car family. Their car broke down and they were without it for a week. Math lesson: zero cars for them, one car for us. So what did we do? We shared our Vue. Yep. Four grown adults, all gainfully employed, sharing one vehicle. I take (silly) pride in our ability to do so.

But let's just talk about your bike for a minute. I'm sure you get the catcalls from time to time with that crazy gorgeous hair of yours, but watch out. That bike is going to be a magnet. I know you don't like the catcalls, so just remember, it's the bike. The prettiest bike in the world. (Can you tell I'm a little jealous?)

Seriously though. Your butt and calves are going to benefit. Your hair will be free to do it's thing in the wind. You can put a basket on it. And ring your bell at every chance. Good job, Aaron. That is a fantastic birthday present.

Jon and I used to bike a lot (even when it wasn't necessary for getting from point A to point B). Jon still bikes to work on the reg. I miss it like crazy. I took some time off after having Harry because A) OUCH. and B) Where was I supposed to put my floppy little infant while I was having a joyful ride on my bike? But I think it's time. I think it's time to get a helmet for the littlest man in my life, plop him in the trailer and ride my booty down to the beach.

It's going to be okay. You can do it. Embrace being a one car family. You'll work it out when you both think you need the car. You'll spend some quality time with that new lovely bike of yours. You'll go for some really awesome rides and report back to me.

Tell me this, what was the best part about not having a car today? And what are you going to name that bike? One more: If you could take a bike ride anywhere, where would it be? And what would you bring?


PS::This blog is fantastic. I can't believe how many people have already stopped by. You guys. You're making us blush. Feel free to join in the conversation. Who out there is a one car family? Whose a biker? Should we start a biker gang?


  1. YES. Let's form a biker gang. We can bedazzle jackets and someone HAS to have a radio strapped to their handle bars. I also want to rig a sidecar to my bicycle so Hurley and/or Chuck can ride along. With goggles.


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