Impostors and gym rats.

Posted on: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mallory! Hello!

First thing's first: I have no idea what I did to my shoulder. I think I strained something while lifting [that makes me sound like such a jerk]. All I know is, I asked Aaron for a shoulder rub repeatedly and they didn't provide any relief, so the strain was in my shoulder. Good news: it's healed. I know because I did some pull-ups tonight and nothing hurt [aside from muscles burning].

Also, I wish something cool happened while Christmas tree hunting, but our Christmas tree "hunt" comprised of a quick trip to The Home Depot for the cheapest fake, pre-lit Christmas tree we could find. Bonus points if we found a white Christmas tree (we did not). I don't know why I felt compelled to purchase a fake. I grew up with real Christmas trees--sometimes two at a time in one year! But I just felt weird about purchasing a real Christmas tree, one that took so many years to grow to desirable-Christmas tree size, only to bring it home and let it die a dry, dry death. I love a house with a real Christmas tree! I do! But I couldn't do it this year. I think it's the activist in me. She is constantly rearing her yelling, picket sign-wielding, exasperated face. Try as I might, I can't shut her up. And poor Aaron. He wanted a real Christmas tree. But when I explained myself, he laughed, and gave up the fight. I guess my explanation just took all the fun out of Christmas?

The Impostor.

Oh well.

Most importantly: Your photos are beautiful. And such a great indication of a much-needed and well-rested vacation. I want to sleep in the little picture window Harry seems to have favored. How much time do you think was spent in that one spot? Also, I've been wondering, did your dad and his wife build their cabin? I am so intrigued. It seems like a dream come true. Who wouldn't want to build their vacation spot?

Did you leave feeling refreshed? Homesick for family? Ready to go home? Dreaming? We talk about it a lot, but we are introverts. I find, though, that after a really good vacation or visit from a friend or hang out (etc.), I'm actually left with a sense of longing. Like I wish it could go on forever. I will walk around my house in a haze of despondency. I will sit in the airport with a feeling of disconnection. I will drive away from my family and friends with panic rising in my throat.

Why? Is it a spiritual thing? Is my soul longing for more of that connection? Or is it a psychological thing? Like, maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself to want those interactions, which was brought on by years of guilt from not wanting a thriving social life and all of that? I really can't figure it out. Am I alone in this? If I am, that's fine. I've always wondered, though. And looking through your photos I had to wonder if you had a similar tug of war post-good bye.

Top: Our New Year Eve celebration started at the gym. Gym rats.
Bottom: French 75s!

How was your New Year? Did you do anything extraordinary? Aaron and I made fancy drinks and fell asleep at 11:30PM. It was very anticlimactic. Oh, in between there we watched CSI. We really know how to party. [We don't even really like CSI.]

Happy New Year!



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