Thankful for Your Patience

Posted on: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dear Amy,

Woah. It's been a while. So, so sorry for the disappearing act. As you know, I spent the last two weeks in Michigan, being around family for Thanksgiving. It was so wonderful. Staying at my dads, having company for dinner every night, seeing friends and family... it was exactly what I needed. And my return home was also exactly what I needed. What is it about 2 weeks away from your pots and pans and bed and couch and TV that makes you want to kiss them all when you come back?

This kid was a champ on all four flights. And our four hour delay.
Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Yours was quiet, wasn't it? That's kind of nice. We've never really had a "quiet" Thanksgiving. I love the chaos on turkey day, but it might be nice to have a simple, quiet day once.

Can we talk about what we're thankful for? I know that was totally last month's thing, but I'm super thankful this year, and I just feel the need to shout it from the mountaintop. Or throughout the blogosphere.

Harry's first snowfall. He loved it.
First, my family. A husband who spoils me rotten whether he's near or far and loves me more than anything. A happy little boy who made all my dreams come true this January. All my brothers and sisters and my dad, mom and stepmom. They're all so great. I'm so thankful for them.

Second, my health. I've seen some seriously scary stuff lately, health-wise, in my friends and family. I'm ridiculously grateful for my health (and the health of Harry + Jon).

Third, I'm thankful for friends. To keep me sane while Jon's away. To act as a surrogate family when I need them to. To share life's ups and downs. To blog with (I'm talking to you girl).

The view out of the porch at my dads.
Finally, laughter. Thanks to that husband of mine, there is no way I'm making it to 40 without a few wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, but I love every laugh. And, by the way, baby laughter is the cutest ever. And it's so funny to see what they find amusing. Last night, Harry was cracking up hitting the cup out of my hands in the bath tub. Over and over and over. Laughing harder and harder and harder. Laughter. The best medicine for a reason.

Anyway, I'm back. Let's talk Holidays.

Your Friend,


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