Halloween dreams and job excitement.

Posted on: Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh Mallory,

I'm so glad to hear that you are the evasive host as well? Because that means I'm not alone. If I have been declared the host of anything I break out into a cold sweat, tears in my eyes, and try to think of ways to hide. If a party is held in my honor or someone throws a party at my house, I get nervous for different reasons, but at least then I'm able to enjoy the party. Things I worry about: clean up, anything breaking or spilling, the dogs' attitudes, and everyone having a good time.

Hurley the Introvert. I have to worry about him at parties.
He gets pretty skittish and tries to hide and inevitably knocks something(one) over...

If we are ever able to be neighbors, we should throw a Halloween party. Aaron and Jon can make the food, we'll purchase the beverages [I have a weird, hidden talent of picking out great drinks], Harry & the dogs will wear theme costumes, and we'll invite only the people that we're most comfortable around. This party will never happen because of that last part [my sister is in Washington, yours is hiking mountains and dodging floods, and our friends are scattered around the globe], but it's a fun vision. Oh, and the decorations would rival Martha Stewart's. Do you follow her on Pinterest? Those costumes and center pieces and serving bowls and banners make me so envious.

Is Harry going to dress up for Halloween? Does your base do anything exciting for the kids at Halloween? We may have to focus on this for a week or so, so if you want to overlook these questions for a few weeks I totally understand. But know this: Aaron and I have started stocking up on Halloween candy and I (a) haven't touched any of it yet(!) and (b) kind of want to buy the dogs Halloween costumes. Because if I can't buy human baby costumes, I'm going to be that dog owner.

It doesn't look like it, but this is the Dieringer party animal; Chuck is a social butterfly.

I got a job! You know that, but still. I'm so excited. And it only took a week. I don't say that to brag, I'm actually totally in awe and kind of wondering how I got so lucky...? It really just goes to show, working hard at my career is actually getting me somewhere. We've talked about this ad nauseam, but I really felt like I was going nowhere fast or maybe everywhere at a snail's pace. I've worked in so many different fields, only one of which I'm truly passionate about, and this moving thing really cramps my style; my resume is much too long for a 27-year old's.

But I found a temp position with an agency in the non-profit sector. I'll be continuing in the same vein of coordinating, which is my bread and butter. And, doubly encouraging, I've been told there may be more work for me after my contract is completed, so that's encouraging!

Nights crying over glasses of wine after days at thankless jobs have finally gotten me somewhere. Who would have thought.

The picture I sent you! From the dressing room at The Gap.
I know it doesn't look like camo, but I couldn't purchase that shirt. 
I felt like I was sitting in a hunting blind. A bright pink hunting blind.

Thank you so much for listening to me. There were so many days where I felt useless and under-appreciated and frustrated, and those days have actually paid off. And I have to thank you and a few other friends because all of you guys helped me to breathe and continue on my path to a career with substance. It's exciting. And a little scary!

Okay, I'm off to a job orientation. And to purchase dog food and a coloring book, as you know. Readers: I accidentally wrote my errands down on Kin's calendar, and not my personal calendar. So Mallory texted me this morning to remind me to get dog food and a coloring book! and I was so confused. Until I realized my mistake. It was a knee slapper of a moment, let me tell you...



  1. Congratulations on the job Amy, how exciting! And please tell me the coloring book is related? IF I ever run my own business, I'm going to make de-stressing via coloring a mandatory part of everyone's week. That and ice cream Fridays, obviously.

  2. I'll come to the party! Congrats on your job Amy!!!!


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