The End of Dreaming (Not Really) + An Update

Posted on: Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Readers,

First of all, I don't think Amy and I can thank you enough for coming to our little corner of the internet to see what we're up to. It makes us happy to have such a great community already. Make sure to comment when you feel compelled... we want to get to know you too!

This pup has lived in seven houses. He's only five years old.
I just wanted to update you all on our little puppy. I had such an amazing, supportive reaction to my letter about sending Duke to live with his grandparents for the rest of the year. I was actually a little worried about hitting "publish" on that post, because it's a very sensitive subject in our home. And, believe it or not, I was nervous that someone would have something negative to say about our situation. I should have known we'd receive only an outpouring of love and support from all of you. What a great bunch of people we're getting to know.

Anyway, Duke is doing okay. He was great the first week. It was like summer camp - he had friends to throw the frisbee with for hours upon hours. He was living in a new house where the people didn't know all the rules. He got walks and trips to the park and treats and cuddles. He was living the life. I think it's starting to sink in now that he's up there for a while. We've heard he's been testing his boundaries a bit more, chasing his tail a lot, and sitting by the door waiting for something (or someone). Most of Jon's family is at summer camp this week, so I'm hoping Duke's excitement to have them home next week will snap him out of it for a little while longer.

We miss our puppy every day. Our house feels weirdly quiet (and clean) without him. My walks are a little lonelier. But I'm 100% convinced that this is the best for him. Jon's family is loving on him something crazy, and he's getting lots of love, affection, discipline, and exercise up there. Things that would have been worn thin down here. So all in all, he's doing well. We're doing okay. But let me just tell you, that reunion is going to be so much fun. I can't wait.

This week we talked about our dreams. It was quite possibly my favorite topic so far. It's so much fun to just whisk yourself away in your own head, isn't it? What do you dream about? Attainable, unattainable, or anywhere in between. I love hearing about other peoples dreams... and encouraging them to GO FOR IT. So you. Yes, you. Tell me your dream, and I'll encourage the heck out of you.

And here is the weekly roundup of links we need to share.
  • a super sweet duo, the kids of a Canadian photographer I adore.
  • something to remember while we spend our days dreaming.
  • I totally want to make one of these for Amy to thank her for encouraging my dreams this week.
  • what Jonathan gets to look forward to when he gets home.
  • my all time favorite picture of my boys.
  • Amy's doctor gave her a headache of a potential diagnosis yesterday, so after rushing home to research gluten and gluten-free recipes and the difference between Celiac's Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity [NCGS] she discovered this gem. 
  •  Amy is in the middle of reading Jessica Alba's book The Honest Life and it's scaring her! So she did us the favor and checked out one of Alba's favorite and oft-touted websites No More Dirty Looks. From Amy's curly head to yours, please do yourself the favor and gaze upon the website's natural beauty magic. 
  •  Amy's back to reviewing books on her blog. Check out her recent "must read" list here.
Have a great weekend everyone! And pipe in with your dreams.

XO Mallory


  1. Oh!!! We just made dream catchers two days ago!!

    i got a kit at michaels. :) i can photocopy the directions (if i kept them).

  2. What funny timing Chelsea! Yours are beautiful. Amy and I were just talking about having dream catchers as kids. I think I'll need to make a few for some people who inspire me to live my dreams. XO


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