Military Moves, Oy.

Posted on: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear Amy,

I'm going to apologize to you from the AF first off. I know how frustrating it can be when you feel like a pawn in a giant game of chess and someone is moving you all around, not giving you much say, until they are done with you. And since that someone is a faceless creature (probably sitting his plush, leather office chair, toupee and cigar dangling, as you pointed out) I know it's not easy to figure out who to give the dirty looks (or middle fingers). So, I'm just going to apologize for the way the military makes you feel.

Ah... clean slate. I can't decide if I love you, or hate you.
PCSing. Permanent Change of Station. It's a phenomenon civilians can't quite understand, and why should they? Why do we have to move every three years? (Side note, I haven't lived anywhere longer than 1.5 years in our AF career yet. And it looks like we'll be out of here in less than two again. I would kill for three years in one spot.) We don't know. We're just as confused. Yes, I know Jon will do the same job at our new station. Yes, I know how much it costs to move. No, I have no idea why they move us so frequently.

But we do it. And we do it often. First of all, let me tell you 500 pounds of stuff will be easy for you. Books pack a ton of weight and take up a relatively small space. Bring them. Just fine the heaviest things you own and throw them in your trunk. But honestly, with the necessities you'll need during and immediately after your move, I think you'll be surprised how quickly 500 pounds adds up.

We have never moved with a baby. I'll let you know how that goes next summer (yikes). But we have always partially moved ourselves. Rented a Uhaul and packed up the basics. It's been really nice, actually. We always have what we need. I have my computer and a desk (as I keep on working the whole time we're moving). We have a few pots and pans. We even have our own mattress. I'm not sure how feasible a Uhaul is for you guys, but you may want to consider it if you're planning on moving ANY of your own things.

I'm kind of the opposite of you on this front through. Yes, I get antsy. As soon as I find out where we're going, I check out of our current locale. I move on in my head and I'm ready to GO. Luckily I'm not the one who still has to concentrate on flying an airplane for weeks or months before we leave. But I put off the packing. Lists, oh I make a million or so lists. (On paper. I'm old school.) But I don't touch a box. I throw out a whole lot of crap. But I don't put any in boxes. Until about a week out. It's chaos for about a week, but then my life is only in turmoil for about two weeks every move. It helps keep my freak outs to a minimum.

And when it's time to leave, we leave. We take a picture in front of our house and go. Spray out the garbage can one last time. No dawdling. We hit the road and don't stop until we're "home." (Again, I'll let you know how this changes with a baby.) It's kind of funny for me to be so no nonsense about moves now, because about six years ago, I would have FREAKED out at moving this many times, to states I've never visited. I guess that's just part of my hardened military skin.

You'll get everything packed, you'll say goodbye, you'll maybe shed a tear or two while you enjoy your last meal at your favorite restaurant or when you lock your house for the last time, but you'll get on the road, and you won't look back. You're going to love your new place (it's SO cute), your new city (really, it's great), your new state (um, gorgeous). It's so worth it. And just think... it's your last military move! YAY!

Okay, let's flip it and reverse it. What do you love about the military? Has the AF given you something you wouldn't have had a chance to experience anywhere else? Let's hear it. Maybe thinking about the good will keep the stress to a minimum?

Remember to breath!


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