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Posted on: Monday, July 8, 2013

Dear Mallory,

A little disclaimer: I have been listening to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" over and over and over all morning. Also, I'm terribly itchy thanks to orders from my doctor to "not take Zyrtec" and to show up for my allergist appointment tomorrow ready for needle sticking and blood sampling and etc. Therefore I'm jittery and want to rip my skin off. God help me.

I am so glad you got to spend time with your family in Michigan last week! There are certain holidays that should be celebrated with extended family and the Fourth is one of them, at least in my opinion. Did you just soak up your time there? I love Michigan's summer days, but the nights are my absolute favorite. The firefly peppered darkness accompanied by the chorus of crickets and the occasional ribbity frog. Sitting on a porch, drinking something chilled. Maybe a bonfire or a thunderstorm. Did you see any of the Great Lakes? I miss them so much! Did Harry enjoy meeting family?

Not wearing red or white, unfortunately.

Our Fourth was colder than expected, so I ran around in a sweatshirt and jeans. There were a few boat rides, one with Aaron trailing behind us on a wake board. I got to watch a toddler waddle around in a lifejacket and a chocolate lab swim after departing boats. While watching Boy Meets World I listened to neighbors set off fireworks. It was very low-key, which is exactly my style.

But let's talk about your anniversary. Four years! Did you guys do anything fun [and, for the sake of sharing, PG rated] to celebrate? Did you get dressed up? You mentioned you were leaving Harry with family for the evening, how did that go? I know for some people it's only 4 years or only 5 years or only 7 years, but for the military couple it's more like, Only 4 years?! It feels much longer... [In the best possible way, of course.]

July 22, 2008 // Redondo Beach, CA

On July 22, Aaron and I are celebrating 5 years! Which is blowing my mind. Five years ago on June 28, 2008, Aaron proposed on Santa Monica Beach. A month later we eloped. It all happened so quickly, but the time since then has passed at a different speed all together. There's been so much laughter and quite a few tears, moves and dogs and deployments and arguments and celebrations and car troubles and difficult conversations and dancing [so much dancing] and singing and I love it all.

Do you have a fun fact about your wedding or marriage? A favorite memory? An adventure Jon and you have embarked on? I love wedding days, but also love watching a marriage grow and develop and become stronger; couples falling more in love, strengthening their friendship, admiring and trusting and supporting one another.

I really admire your marriage, Mallory!

Your continuously sappy friend,


  1. Oh, I'm so excited to talk marriage + weddings. That picture from your elopement is one of my favorites. So gorgeous, and you guys look SO happy.


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