Let Freedom Ring + Let Me Kiss My Husband

Posted on: Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary to this guy.
Dear Amy,

Well, hasn't this turned into a sap fest? I guess it's what the holidays are for. Eating too much and getting sappy all over the place. We've spent many a July Fourth up in northern Michigan, at my grandparents condo on Lake Michigan. I miss it. We haven't been up there in five years. Isn't it crazy how years can go by, yet you always crave that certain spot or smell or food or feeling on the holidays?

Also, let's discuss this for a moment. As kids, we want to grow up. We want to get bigger, we want to have more independence. Our parents keep trying to tell us to enjoy it. Enjoy the freedom, enjoy our youth. But man, we just can't wait to get older. How weird is it on the opposite side of that equation now? Kids. Stay young as long as you can. Don't grow up. Run through the sprinklers, eat lots of popsicles. Don't grow up!

We've started a new tradition this year, our first with Harry. We're taking a family portrait. Nothing crazy… just the three of us, standing and smiling at the camera. We plan on doing it every year on July Third to see how we grow throughout the years. It's going to be crazy to look back on the pictures and see the funky hairstyles, the out of fashion clothes, the aging. The hard part will be deployments and trips. But we've decided to really make it an accurate portrayal of our family, so if Jon is gone, we'll Skype him in for our family picture on July Third. I'm excited for this tradition.

Your holiday sounds fantastic. Just to be with family is perfect, but add water, and you've got the best combination for the holiday. Honestly, this time of year and Christmastime are tied in my heart as the days I miss being around family the most. We're lucky to be up in Michigan this year, but I know that won't always be the case. I hope Harry always has a sense of family on Independence Day, whatever kind of family that is. And pride. Pride in his country. Pride in his freedom. Pride in his father's job. Because we're all proud of him (and Aaron. And all the other men and women bravely serving this nation).

I've got to take a minute to send a little shout out to my mister. Four years ago right now I was dancing with my brand new husband. Right after the best kiss of my life. Man, I love that guy.

Have a really great day tomorrow! Happy Fourth!



  1. I love that your anniversary falls around your favorite holiday. All the more reason to celebrate! And I think we may have to join you in your new tradition... But maybe take it on our anniversary and include kids as they come along? Yes, I think so.


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