Biking's For Babies (and Really Cool People)

Posted on: Friday, June 28, 2013

It's a balance bike. More below.

Dear Amy,

Don't you take a weird pride in telling people you don't have a car? I swear, I get a kick out of showing people what they consider to be necessities are most definitely not. (We don't have a microwave. Or cable. Or disposable diapers for Harry. But that's a story for a different day.) Just knowing your own two feet can get you from Point A to Point B is pretty awesome.

My all time favorite place to bike to was Old Town Fort Collins. Man I miss that place. We lived on the outskirts of town, up in the mountains a little, so the ride to Old Town was great... downhill, beautiful, with so much to see. And at the end there were amazing burgers (for me) and great beer (for Jon). I can't wait to take Harry on his first bike ride though... we live a mile and a half from the beach, so I'm thinking a ride alongside the ocean is in order for his first one. If only this kid could make it until sunset. A sunset ride on the beach would be amazing, right? Maybe sunrise...

I do have a helmet, but it nothing to speak of. It's actually a children's helmet (shh!). I came across these super cute Yakkay Helmets on Fab the other day... I'll say, this one is pretty tempting. I need to find Harry one. Anyone love a helmet made for a six month old?

Can we just talk about that bike up there? That's a balance bike. As soon as Harry can walk, he's getting one. We aren't messing with training wheels in this house; we're going straight to the balance bike. It helps kids understand the physics of balancing on a bicycle, while being nice and safe because their feet are on the ground. How genius is that? And I love this one because it's nice and simple... which means I could totally Pimp That Ride a la Xzibit.

How fun would it be to vacation to someplace awesome, say Napa Valley or the South of France or Mackinac Island, rent some cruisers, and just bike everywhere? Ah. I think I just set myself into a total wanderlust spin. There goes my productivity.

Anyway. Now that I'm officially vacationing in the South of France with my two men, a couple of bikes, and the stinkiest cheese and crustiest bread (even if only in my head), I'll say goodbye. Have a great weekend. I can't wait to chat next week!



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