On Being Predictable.

Posted on: Thursday, November 13, 2014


So I took your advice. I heard you. I got really excited about doing everything to my hair. Bangs, red, and layers. And then I realized my curling iron was dual voltage (a major win for an American living in Germany) and gave myself too much time to think.

You see, I started loving my hair again, after just a few minutes with the curling iron. So then I asked myself what it was about my hair that I loved. And the answer was easy: it is easy. Dying my hair would have taken that away. I would have had to keep up with it or have a weird red ombre thing going on. And I knew that wouldn't be good for me.

Bangs would have to be washed before walking out of the house every day and I knew that was not happening.

Long layers might still happen.

Long story short, your hair theory is genius, I'm a wuss, I love curling irons, and I'm lazy. So this is what my hair looks like now:

Side note, your photos were killing me. I love seeing Little Amy so much. I think Little Amy and Little Mallory would have been bosom friends. You with your (requested) bowl cut and me with my bangs that are cut so far into my hair that it's pretty much a mullet. Best bosom friends.

Now, onto my wardrobe journey. You've heard of a capsule wardrobe. (Have you readers?) I came across Un-Fancy and my life changed. All of a sudden I realized the clutter in my house, in my filing cabinet, in my closet was taking up all the room in my mind, leaving none for the more creative, happy, joy-inducing endeavors I'd like my mind to be storing.

a current capsule wardrobe FAVORITE
So I purged. Currently, I have 33 items in my closet, and that includes shoes. And I feel great about it. I don't feel deprived, I always have something to wear, and my mind? MUCH MORE CLEAR. Plus, bonus, I felt better about investing in a few key items for my "fall capsule," which, as you know, has always been hard for me.

Would you ever do a capsule wardrobe? I swear, it's a game changer.

Anyway, I'd really love to hear about whats going on in your life. How's work treating you? How are those crazy dogs of yours? How's Aaron doing?! Also, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

All my love,

PS Your Halloween is my today. Knuckles.


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