It's been a minute.

Posted on: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MALLORY. We've neglected this space long enough.

Okay. There may be more important things to talk about, like Gilmore Girls on Netflix (their marketing campaign was genius) or your current country of residence or my promotion or any of it. But right now I need to call attention to something that leaves me marveling. Despite the fact that we talked about this via text message (however briefly), it deserves another moment in the spot light. BEHOLD! My hair has been doing magical things as of late:

Also, my text message face is on point. You have to admit.

(I really did wake up (with hair) like dat! ...Really ashamed about using the non-word "dat.") Look at the body in that hair! The wavy, unfuzzy hair! The length (simultaneously asymmetrical and shaved, I'm sickeningly trendy)! The color (I like it)!

What is it about a good haircut that turns a woman's confidence into something untouchable? Lately I've felt so perfectly me. My style seems to have come together--make up choices, wardrobe, haircut, shoes (a woman's shoe wardrobe looks drastically different from their clothing wardrobe). It may not impress anyone else, but I'm kind of loving this chapter of my 20s. Despite the challenges. That's never happened before, I can guarantee you.

Any ways... What was meant to be a light-hearted "welcome back!" turned into a soul searching session (say that 10 times fast).

I've missed you, Mal!



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