Going full tilt.

Posted on: Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Revolutionary idea. A game changer. Truly. Are you ready for this?

Why don't you go for all three?

I know, I know! It's a big change! But hear me out. You've had hair for how long now? 27.75 years? Give or take a decimaled number? Right? How many hair cuts do you think have taken place during those years? Definitely more than 50, right? (God knows when we were little and barely able to speak a full sentence our mothers decided to chop our hair into abysmal monstrosities, yes?)

That's me celebrating my second birthday. Notice how I'm still (essentially) bald.
So horrible haircuts/styles didn't come until later. When I could carry on a conversation.

So what is one big change going to do? Maybe positively rock your world. Because let's be honest. You would be hot with some long, layers + blunt bangs and a color change-up. Red! I've always wanted to go red. I think that's the only reasonable hair fantasy I've never gone after. (For much too long I dreamed of white blonde hair, which is laughable. Because I love the hair on my head and if I decided to bleach the shit out of my mop it would have fallen out, resulting in no hair.) So I'd like to live vicariously through you. I think red--even a brown with a red tone--would be absolutely beautiful on you. Especially considering the season we have currently entered into!

Hair! I was four, so it was about time something started growing on my head.

My approach to everything, most definitely including hair, is this: you live one life. You don't get a second chance. That tattoo you want? Get it. That leather jacket? Rock it. Wing-tip eyeliner? Hell yeah. So you want to wear bright yellow plaid pants? Please do. And you want to drastically change your hair? Good lord YES. Just make sure you find a reputable salon. Walk in there and--language barriers be damned--tell them your story. (Can language barriers be damned?) It'll seem silly. It really will because we're reasonable people and it's "just hair." But if you're nervous about getting it cut then my guess it's more than just hair to you.

And what girl can blame you? Hair is like a security blanket and a status symbol in this woman's world.

Horrible hairstyle. NO THANKS, MOM.

But guess what? You're dreaming right now about some pretty awesome hairstyles and I don't see how any of them couldn't work. And, let's be real, if you get those bangs you're going to have to layer it up a bit. So why not go full tilt and dye it red(ish), too?

My mom claims I asked for that haircut. (What can it be called other than a bowl cut?)

Think about it.

Also, let's tell the world about your really awesome wardrobe journey.




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