Summer "have to's"

Posted on: Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Mallory,

It might be the end of July but that means that the beginning of August is fast approaching. So have one question for you: What do you desperately want to do before the summer ends? Do you want to carry regret with you for the rest of the year?! During those nine crisp, cool winter months you will not be able to comfortably wear a bathing suit outside or drink an iced beverage without shivering. Wearing SPF will be advisable, but you'll rarely feel those sunbeams on your arms or need to shade your eyes from the glare of the sun off of a car. [Well, we're both going to be in the South, so maybe we will? Oy to the thought.] What do you have to do before August closes and the leaves start changing and local high school bands start marching around football fields [in super dorky uniforms, no less]?

Unrelated. But what is a blog post without photos?

I have to go to a Renaissance festival. Have to. It's one of those activities that allows me to nerd out to epic proportions, short of dressing up in a corseted dress and adopting an accent. I love getting my face painted and watching the jousting and talking to the palm readers and indulging in huge bags of roasted almonds. I even like the hike you're forced to take from the "parking lot" [read: field] to the festival.

I have to visit a beach with sand. Seriously. As far as I'm aware, I live near large bodies of water but none of them have sand. It's horrible. What is it about the PNW and the rocky beaches? They're harder to walk on than sand! Let alone lying on them to nap in the sun. Specifically, I'd like to be transported to Grand Haven to run into the fresh water and purchase snacks from the snack bar and have a Pronto Pup [I would relinquish my vegetarian ways for one of those suckers] and read a book on the white, white sand. Garsh.

I have to drink some sangria on my patio. I've been talking about it for ages and it has yet to happen.

Not Sangria, but a flavored G&T.

I have to find a beach that allows dogs to swim. Because that Chuckie girl desperately needs to practice her breaststroke and feel the sweet, sweet freedom of a lake or an ocean! Hell, we'd take a pond. I'm not picky.

I have to take a jet ski out for a spin.

How about you? Just a warning, I may adopt some of your "have to's."



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